Blessed John Paul II: A Radical Christian Disciple

by George Weigel

Everything Karol Wojtyla did stemmed from his conviction that Jesus Christ is the answer to the question that is every human life.

Herald of the Gospel of Life

by Mother Agnes Mary Donovan, S.V.

As Sisters of Life blessed with the gift of the charism of life, Pope John Paul II is our great spiritual patriarch.

John Paul II and Evangelicals: An Ecumenism of Reason and Life

by Francis Beckwith

John Paul II profoundly influenced even those outside the visible boundaries of the Catholic Church.

John Paul II the Artist

by Father Peter Cameron, O.P.

John Paul II knew that artists can bring us to the Beauty who is Christ – the Beauty that will save the world.

A Pope of Peace, Freedom and Justice

by Hon. R. James Nicholson

Pope John Paul II, although a man of the Church, was possessed with an uncommon sense for the dynamics of globalism and the people and cultures that comprise the same.

John Paul II Priests 

by Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan

Our late Holy Father would laugh at the term, “John Paul II priests.” He’d remind us, ”No! We are disciples, priests of Jesus Christ.”

Blessed John Paul II: Spiritual Grandfather to Millennial Catholics

by Thomas Peters

Through his courage, teachings and faithfulness to Christ, Blessed John Paul II was a spiritual grandfather to my generation.

John Paul II and the Family

by David L. Schindler and Agata Rottkamp

John Paul II knew that a civilization of love must be cultivated in the family.

Schools of the New Evangelization: John Paul II and the Gift of World Youth Day

by Father Thomas Rosica, C.S.B.

Throughout his pontificate, Pope John Paul II enjoyed an incredible popularity with young Catholics. One of the great reasons for this was the emphasis he placed on World Youth Days, an initiative that he began in 1985.

Theology of the Body: The Language of Love

by Father José Granados,  D.C.J.M

John Paul II proposed his Theology of the Body as a way toward recovering the truth of love, and thus offering a Christian vision of life and culture.

A Civilization of Love

by Carl Anderson

If we are to keep faith with our great friend and beloved spiritual leader, we must also look to the future.

John Paul II and the New Evangelization

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

It was John Paul II who taught us to “put out into the deep” in his call for a New Evangelization. We are only beginning to see the fruits of his legacy.